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Sunday, January 3

Catching up.

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i wasnt having such a good day yesterday, i was feeling down. i woke up numerous times from nightmares and so on and i felt bad about the night before and i hadn't talked to nick the whole day. i had been moping around my house the entire day until i got a text from my next door neighbor Emily. 
She was my best friend for years back when we were in elementary school but she moved to Colorado to live with her dad and now she's back since the summer. we hadn't hung out in a really long time and she text me and said "hey wanna go to the mall? i get off work at 4 and we can walk there together!" i said sure and got ready then she knocked on the door and we were off.
it was really cold but we were getting there anyhow, she said it was nothing since she's used to the weekly blizzards of Colorado.i'm more of a summer girl (although i like winter colors? wierd...) we went to a bunch of stores and reminisced on random memories.
we used to hang out every single day after school and play sims and make paper dolls, haha it was good times. we are almost tempted to actually look at our old drawings and things, they're still at my grandma's. 
me and her always get along so well, because we both have a twisted sense of humor and its non-stop laughing with us. it was nice to catch up with her.

later that night i got a surprise visit from Nicko, and i was definately surprised...and embarrassed XD
i was wearing houseclothes only so i looked bad and i was like "Oh @#%$!" and his friends were with him too
so the ones who didnt know me were probably thinking to themselves "eww nick's dating an ugly little troll..."
but i got a hug so it was all good ^_^
and then i stole another hug lol

today we've been talking all day, which i am very happy about ♥ 
i've been experimenting with photoshop as well and posted a few creations from earlier
i'm trying to get better >.<
i think im ok for being a beginner...
no not really lol

well, i was just updating, cuz i havent said much in a while lol
i've been down lately but i'm fine now so no more worries ^_^

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