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Friday, January 8

aww ^_^

on my previous post my friend left me this comment:

Rabbito!! you are appreciated by me! ^_^
very much!!

and i dedicate this picture to you!! ↓

Dedicated to Rabbito

rabbi-chan i had KFC tonight and i thought about you ^_^
so this is for you since you love KFC!

i appreciate your kindness and for being a good friend to me

and these are my family with thier KFC

first is my sister and second is my mom ^_^

i had apple juice >.<
and pop corn chicken but my mom says i "inhale" my food XD XD XD

i wuv u rabbito!!


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

omg!!!! o(*O*)o

KFC in american version!!!!! o(*O*)o

thx for de kfc ne o(^O^)o

i lub it do much o(>w<)o

i also able to see ur family ne o(^O^)o

dunno wat to say~~~~~~~

eu rocks my life berry!!!! o(>w<)b

PS. sorry didn reply ur msg~~~ aniway it was afternoon when eu texted me o(^-^)o

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~ so our reason why we blog is same ne o(^-^)o

actually i feel lucky cuz have friend like eu cuz...

well, actually most of people here like to be friend with asians oni~~ o(._.)o

but i am hapi if i noe many people & friends like eu ne o(*O*)b

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