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Wednesday, January 6

photoshop pictures...of me this time XD XD XD

i dont like the way i look...
and photoshop doesnt help really XD
but i got bored last night and made all these
dont make fun of me idk what im doing!!

(ugly kiss face!!)

kinda like this one ^_^

boredom makes me look funny XD


Anonymous said...

berry i send this comment thru mobile ne XDXD

well ive checked in my mailbox but i cant find ur email ne o(T-T)o

can eu resend again? send to rabbito-bonbon@live.com~~

anyway i juz wanna eu to make video of urself speaking english ne o(> <)o

then i want to use dat vid for our ICT (IT) presentation next month XDXD

hope eu can help me ne! o(T-T)o

Mina said...

I love that third and fourth picture!!

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