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Thursday, November 25

800th post! wow.

i've had this blog for a meer year and a half maybe, and this is my 800th post!
i have so many art and writings on here, that is the majority of my posts. i have over 100 poems on here and over 59 photography shots. crazy right?
here are some pics from today, i got new shoes!
arent they cute? i love them!
i was on the phone with nick that whole time xD dont think he kenw i was taking pics
he was talking to his friend Ben on xbox so wasnt paying attention i guess lol

in honor of the large number f this post...i will post 100 truths for you guys :)
thanks for following me!!

  1. i have 4 names in all.
  2. i have a sibling i have never met.
  3. before i met my boyfriend, i didn't believe in families and never wanted to get married, but now i want both very badly.
  4. before i met my boyfriend, i did not want to finish high school or go to college, but now i am going to do both.
  5. my boyfriend said i am not allowed to marry him if i do not go to college. so i am going to college and so is he.
  6. i want to visit Helsinki, Tokyo, Stokholm, Paris and Warsaw before i die.
  7. after i get married, me and Nick want to move to Taiwan.
  8. i don't smile as much as i should.
  9. i still have my tan from summer.
  10. Brooklyn, New York is my favorite place to be.
  11. i have a wierd obsession with eyes.
  12. my emotions overwhelm me all the time, no matter which one...both positive and negative emotions.
  13. i honestly never thought i would live to be this old.
  14. i wish i was famous, that people wanted to know about me and interview me and things
  15. i am too forgiving, and it has now caused me some very very upsetting trust issues.
  16. i have very very low self-esteem.
  17. i have a dinosaur named Stewie who needs a date to the ball.
  18. i hate talking to myself, so i don't think out loud.
  19. i forgot about my homework until just now.
  20. i have drank 4 cups of hot chocolate, 7 cups of rootbeer, ate half a bag of doritos and consumed 13 ice cubes today + a microwave pizza.
  21. i am very confused right now.
  22. i have an email pen pal :)
  23. i have a head band in almost every color, but i rarely wear them.
  24. i almost always straighten my hair because i hate when it is curly.
  25. when i was little, i wished i was Pocahontas off the movie. then when i saw a painting of the real Pocahontas, i wanted to be Jasmine from Alladin, because the real Pocahontas didn't look like me.
  26. i solely embraced my Native American heritage until i discovered how much i loved being Puerto Rican.
  27. I hate the French language.
  28. I think Finnish should be the romance language instead of French, i think it sounds much prettier. and takes more effort to learn, which shows passion.
  29. i like it when Nick kisses my earlobe. don't ask why, i just like it ^_^
  30. i am too patient with certain people.
  31. i like 80's and 90's music better than the music now.
  32. i am very upset at this moment, but i cant talk to anyone about it. because i refuse to talk to one of the people, and the other will get mad at me. so i have to mope... which upsets me more.
  33. i bought new shoes today.
  34. i like the color sea green.
  35. i enjoy all pale or blueish shades of green.
  36. my favorite color is purple.
  37. i found myself when i was 10 years old.
  38. i have had the same personality my whole life and my interests have been nearly the same as well.
  39. i have never felt accepted anywhere.
  40. i am always thinking about something, and it is usually not good.
  41. i forget things alot and it makes me feel stupid.
  42. i was convinced for a long time that i really was dumb and had no purpose.
  43. i'm feelin so fly like a G6 ;D
  44. i just passed gas...
  45. the first blog i ever followed was Sweetmangodesigns.com
  46. my first blog friend was Rabbito.
  47. i feel sick to my stomach right now.
  48. i really need a job.
  49. i want to start dancing again. desperately.
  50. i am tired of being talked to by people at school i want to be left alone.
  51. i fear that i might be too shut in.
  52. i love matte eyeshadow.
  53. i love to curl my lashes and put on lots of mascara.
  54. i'm almost never tired.
  55. i have really bad insomnia.
  56. i've wanted to be an artist since i was 4.
  57. i can speak very basic japanese.
  58. i always wanted to live in Japan.
  59. Asian food is my favorite.
  60. i have been interested in Japanese culture before i was into anime.
  61. i want to gauge my ears to 00.
  62. i ran into someone i hate today.
  63. i saw the girl i am jealous of in person today for the first time.
  64. i want snake bites.
  65. i want to pierce my nose and eyebrows.
  66. the first tattoo i will get is going to be on my writ and i designed it myself.
  67. everyone says i am thier truest friend.
  68. everyone betrays me and i don't know why.
  69. i want to publish a book of all my poems.
  70. i want to design clothes and make them.
  71. i hate being poor.
  72. i love food and i love to eat.
  73. i hate that it is so hard for me to gain weight.
  74. i am tired of holding in my feelings.
  75. i have an evil side that i am trying not to let rear its head out, but its getting harder.
  76. i am tired of having to let people go, but i am tired of being let down.
  77. i have bad dreams alot.
  78. i think sleep is a waste of time.
  79. i wish i liked myself as much as nick likes me.
  80. i complain alot apparently...but i don't mean too. i think i just have a whiney voice and i wonder too many things.
  81. i am afraid of thunderstorms.
  82. i am generally scared of people.
  83. i am afraid of making eye contact with people.
  84. i hate the cold.
  85. i love to draw.
  86. i wish my sister was more like me.
  87. when i asked God for a sister, i should have asked for a best friend.
  88. i am a pessimist, but i didn't used to be.
  89. i feel hopeless alot.
  90. my most common feeling is worthlessness.
  91. i love watches, but i never wear them.
  92. for some reason, i am still jealous of that girl.
  93. right now, i cant get her off my mind and i am upset about it.
  94. i want to be okay.
  95. i am very thoughtful and nice by nature, but certain things can turn me hateful in an instant.
  96. i hate that i am nice to the people i hate.
  97. sometimes i wish i had the guts to rip someones heart out for hurting me.
  98. i love Nick more than anything.
  99. i wish that all my wishes woulld come true one day.
  100. i love rain in Indian Summer.
here was my vlog for today


Meri and Anni said...

I love those shoes!! ^^ And you have cute voice :3

xiao yuan moon said...

your shoes are super cute! >wo<!

Saving Capulet said...

oh you look wonderful in that video! awesome post and congrats on your 00th post! wishin you're okay :>

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Aw Berry♥ Thank you for mentioning me in your 100 truths! #46 is l♥ved!(^_~)*winks*

xiao yuan moon said...

ehhh seems like my comment was cut off >_< !

but i don't get why people betray you, youre really friendly and genuine :o!

P o o p e r said...

If I was single I would totally be interesting in your Stewie. :D omg, I've been catching up on ALL your vlog videos. lolol I'm hooked!

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