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Tuesday, November 23

BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad!!

this series is amazing! has anyone else watched it?
 i have already watched the whole thing,
but after i just read the Wikipedia page on it,
i'm going to watch it all over again!
why? because there are so many similarities between that anime and the real rock culture that i didn't notice but were so obvious!
such as how Ryusuke is based on Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
and Taira being based on a young version of Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.
if you need to know more then view the official US website here!
 if you like rock music and the culture then you should DEFINATELY watch this anime!
i think even a non-anime fan would enjoy this!
i'm serious when i say it, this show is so GOOD!
there is only 26 episodes in the series but it is definately worth it :)
they have all 26 episodes on the FUNimation channel on YouTube (but you have to be 18 to watch because of the cursing -.- i made a new YT account just to watch it xD) and they have all of the episodes in ENGLISH! they have the one that is in Japanese with subtitles also :)

1 comment:

P o o p e r said...

Yay! Fellow BECK lover!

BECK is my favorite series. :DDD <3 actually I have like 3 favs, and 2 out of the three are music related!

I love the manga way more than the anime since more goes on in the manga. :3 (there's like 30 something volumes. *_* I only have up to 12 lol but I read the rest online.) Though, the Anime is what got me so hooked on the series! They also have a live action but I need to stop being lazy and go watch it.

My favorite character is Ray (Ryusuke) just because the man is badass and handsome. xD; And I sort of have a thing for guys with long, dark hair. lolol

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