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Monday, November 22

my blog stats~ oh my!!

i looked at my blog stats on blogger today...
crazy-ness!!! never knew i had ever gotten that many visitors!!
it shows so many things on blogger stats~
  • the last link the person was at where they clicked on your link - alot of people actually find my blog by searching hello kitty! i designed a car a few months ago with a hello kitty decal and it comes up in yahoo image search apparently o_o i have also been found by someone searching "unexplainable pictures" and found my ice cream logo design xD
  • your top countries where your visitors come from - i found out my top country is the US and next is Malaysia, South Korea, Philipines, India and Germany! i have a feeling i know why :) ...i love my friends ^_^ ♥
oh so crazy! i never knew all this stuff :)
i'm so excited :)
click the image to see it better :)

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