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Sunday, November 21

on the phone with my hunny as usual ^_^ he's the funniest cutest person ever xD see the big smile? :D it will surely be gone by tommorrow.
because i am a senior, i get to be out of uniform tomaro and where whatever i want! most likely it will only be jeans and tee shirt...i have nothing fancy anyhow, but i will be happy to be comfortable the whole day for once =)
well, i'm off to bed!
j  a  h  a  n  e  ♥


★☆KenKen☆★ said...

T.T i hate tomatoes and carrots... basically I hate veggies and meat... I have no idea what I like to eat tho.. =p but it's a cute name.. "BUNNY DIET!!!"

>_< I like the way you edit all your picture... =_= I can never ever edit out a nice picture...

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Hahaha, that's one of the advantages being a senior in the school! XDXD *thumbs up* Pancake mix?!?! That sounds delicious! =9 My dad cooked us fried rice for breakfast this morning.. And then he left us for his work and we'll to see him again on the next month.. Or next year! (> <|||) I feel like... Ugh... o(;A;)o

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