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Friday, March 18

sleepy >_< and a little story about me and showers

not entirely sure what to blog about....
i'm tired, but if i dont wake up now then i'll be sleep the whooole schoolday
and i have in-class projects so i cant really do that right now lol
pretty much the whole week i have been feeling sick
and i cant sleep really...takes forever to fall asleep
then when i'm supposed to wake up, thats when i fall asleep -_-
it angers me ~~ i hate to wake up late
or do anything late >_<
and since school doesnt start till 10:00 this week
it makes me feel even later!
which is a nuisance =.=
right now i'll share something kind of funny with you all
it all started when i was maybe 6 years old...
little asha (my kid nickname from my dad) liked to play in dirt
and touch animals and eat messy, draw all over everything and ride bikes
but when it came to 7:30 and it was time to take a shower...she would run downstairs and hide in the toybox
why was this?
because little asha hated showers
after a while, mami found asha and had to lock the toybox before dinner so she couldnt get in
and there was no where else for asha to go, except the bathroom...
either for a spanking for not taking the shower, or take the shower.
asha would step into the shower, and crouch down in the triangle under the shower head where no water dripped down  and then at the end she would wash her hands, feet and bottom really fast and just stand there for a few seconds to make it seem like she took the shower
until one day, we got sheer curtains...and my mami figured out asha's devious plan
after the shower she got a whoopin' and cried for hours and didnt get dinner
after about a week of this she had to make a plan
every single day since that day, she has done that plan
what's the plan?
every day, find 5 reasons to clean yourself
i told you i was someone who always needed a reason..even back then xD
throughout the day, asha would come up with 5 reasons to shower
some such as cooties, "april showers bring may flowers" (hoping that if i showered more then there would be flowers in my garden xD) touching a paper after the boy who picked his nose, eating food off the ground, my stuffed animals farting on me, riding on the swing after the girl that stole my "boyfriend" xD ridiculous but it worked :)
and i still do it today!
sometimes i come up with ridiculous reasons
but if they get me clean, let it happen xD

well now you know xD


nick said...

jeez put some clothes on lol

a e r i . ♥ said...

omg you cant even see anything! haha i'm covered :(

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