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Tuesday, December 14

sophisticated ;D

this is my look for today
it is "candy cane day" so i wore my red stripe shirt and black cardigan
it's too cold for just that t-shirt so i wore a shirt under it
and the cardigan is to hide my hood xD we're not allowed to have hoods.
i'm looking especially fair today o_o
that pic is unedited too!
i get a little more pale in winter
not sure if you all have noticed or not xD
this is my moms old celly that i'm using right now
it's big fat and ugly xD takes up my WHOLE pocket xD
i love it when nicko calls me
sometime soon we're supposed to kick it old school
and have a dinner by candle light
i hope it will be for our anniversarry
it will be amazing and so cute and perfect...♥
i love him i cant wait~
for breakfast right now i am eating Kashi cereal
it is called "Heart to Heart"
its like honey nut cheerios but not as much honey except on the heart shaped pieces, and it helps your heart be healthier it is one of my favorite cereals
i really do not want to go Government today
 i don't want to get bullied...
they do it every day then act so
it pisses me off 
i havent done anything to anyone in that room~
so i just wont participate anymore
if i don't participate then they cant interrupt me
ughh...its not fair tho
i want to participate still >_< oh well,
for now i will just keep writing bills and do committees but wont speak infront of the class or anything
the teacher will get them to stop, he said
he already got someone in trouble for being rude to me
i may not be the very best student,
but he knows i havent been mean and that no one deserves to be bullied

well, ttyl

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