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Saturday, December 18

it's nick's birthday ^_^

i took this when he wasnt looking...
but he caught me xD
my baby's birthday is today :) he said he hates his birthday though...i don't really know why but he does. i didn't want him to have a miserable day though :( i wanted him to have a good day ^_^
so i did something super cute!
i made him heart-shaped pancakes~
they were pink ^_^ then put red sugar sprinkles on top to decorate~
i put my laptop and some syrup in my bag
and got to his house at 9AM...
he looked so surprised when i got there and so happy!
his face was red for a second and made me really happy :)
i stayed over for a little and we took some pictures on webcam~

i love that last pic <333 my new fav =)

and you know how i said if i saw him yesterday my day would be perfect??
i saw him yesterday ^_^
he's so cute! more pictures!
these are actually screenshots from a video i made that i'll upload very soon to my vlog :)

i love us <33 we're so silly~
we're supposed to eat at the chinese buffet today too :)
can't wait!! ttyl ♥


Saving Capulet said...

maaww <3 so sweet, happy birthday to nicko and have loads of fun today <3

P o o p e r said...

This may be a bit late but I hope he had an awesome birthday with you! :DD <3 You guys are the cutest thang!

Joee Joe said...

sweet ^_^

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