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Sunday, December 12

new necklace! snow, and i've been doodling :)

taken from my window
both are unedited
it snowed alot today! so crazy, you couldnt even see the steet!
right now we have a 2 hour delay but i'm hoping for snow day :)
also, i got this necklace the other day at that store where i got that amazingly cheep shirt!
i freakin' love discount stores!!! this necklace was 5$ :) i saw one for 12 in the mall and it wasnt even as cute as this one. 
i have a thing for chains...any jewelry that looks like chains, i want it!
today i started to randomly doodle on photoshop
and now i'm addicted!
i made these 3 pictures ^_^ arent they cute?!?

it's hard to draw with this stupid laptop mouse @_@
i want one of those drawing pads >:D
then i'll be a monsta! hahaha!

well goodnight everyone :)

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