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Monday, December 13

i don't like bullies.. (╥﹏╥)

i am so tired of my government class! see, i really really love that class, its fun and i love learning about that stuff... and now that we're doing a mock congress i thought it would be so much fun and i was so excited about it n_n but now, everybody is except a select few is really mean to me. like the other day, someone pulled my chair from under me and i ended up sitting under the table for a second out of shock / confusion...next day, i came in and some of my classmates were making fun of me by sitting under the table and laughing at me... ( ╯.╰ ) and whenever i get called on to talk, the girl next to me turns around and laughs :( or people make noises and put in thier 2 cents. today when my bill was up for debate, and alot of people liked it, i didn't even get a chance to talk.....and it was MY bill! which means i'm always aloud to talk... someone in the back said "can we just fail it already?" and everyone laughed along with him and once again there i am...sitting in a room where maybe 3 people might give a damn about how i feel. it fucking sucks...i hate it. we're seniors in high school...and we can't even let someone talk without making fun of them? are we 10? the funniest part about this is that i am the one that has been held back...i failed in highschool for the most part and will be back for a 5th year to make up for classes that i failed, and its the ones who are on track to graduation that are being immature and making fun of me....you'd think they would be more mature than i am.. i am not mean to anyone in that class. there are people in there who i've stood up for before, one of the people laughing at me used to be my best friend a few years ago... i feel like shit when i'm in that class now and it used to be my favorite class. its to the point where i don't even want to participate anymore because everyone is so mean and rude to me. it's things like this that make me want to stop being nice to people i don't like. i never get anything back...they're just mean still.. (╥﹏╥)

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P o o p e r said...

Wth, they are such dicks. :\ I wonder what possessed them all to start picking on you.

I know adults that still do that kind of stuff. Apparently only a certain amount of people mature with age. D: You seem very mature to me because you ignore them and it takes a strong person to deal with it even if they're fed up. I would of left the class or tried to.

In the end your the better person and I hope they feel embarrassed once they realize how stupid they all are.

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