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Monday, December 13

sooo sleepy >_< and no snow day :(

i did not want to go to school today =.=
i felt sick all weekend and still feel sick right now >_<
blehh! my throat hurts so bad :[
nick called me again this morning :)
i was so happy~ i love to hear his voice ♥
we also established this morning that my farts are nuclear bombs and that he finds it attractive xDDD oh man i love this boy so much ♥
last night i finally got to tell him how i felt about something that was really bothering me.. i was so scared that he would be mad at me, but he wasn't.. i'm really glad i finally got to get it all out because it was really tearing me up.
i love him more than anything ♥
this morning i had cheese crackers for breakfast xD
they were pretty good ^-^ different brand then we usually get also

teehee i want some more ^_^ wahh :[
good thing it is already 10:00 am
all my classesa re only 28 minutes today!
h  a  p  p  y  h  a  p  p  y  :]
i am so hungry! i wanna go home
i have no lunch money >_> grr
haha i take too many pics >_>
do i?? nick made fun of me yesterday cuz i take so many pictures lol
do you think it's a bad thing?
or is it one of the things you like about my blog?
i wanna know what you guys like or dislike about my blog so i can make it better :)
maybe i'll get more readers ^_^ i would ♥ that
random photoscape edit haha
btw, if you wanna link exchange let me know! i have a marquee full of names already but i'd like more affies :)
jahane! ♥


Meri and Anni said...

I love that last picture! ;w; It looks so cool <3

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Long time no chat Berry! o(;A;)o How are you recently? I'm so busy this whole week because I need to deliver cookies and I have to draw 15 pages of comic that my editor had asked to last week! (=.=|||)

Anyway, I love cheese crackers too! o(^O^)o

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