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Tuesday, March 15

don't you hate that?

seriously, isn't it just one of the biggest annoyances ever when you stop being friends with someone and they think you're stupid for it? and of course those friends that think you're stupid for not being thier friend are the ones that fucked up the friendship in the first place -.- it's just obnoxious, when people like that come around. it's annoying to me, partially because they now annoy me. i'm not that hurt by them anymore, there's only the little tiny knife in my back and the sting from them not saying they're sorry. but the fact that they think they can act like everything is fine, is waht annoys me. because they did something that was not okay and they know they did it but wont stop being a pussy for 10 minutes to tell me to my face that they're sorry. because if you dont say sorry i'm gonna treat you like you're not sorry at all. because despite how sweet and nice i may be and the pushover that i was in the past, i have so much more balls than anyone almost ever gives me credit for. i still go by the "treat people how you want to be treated" rule and there are no exceptions. so if you're not sorry at all,  then i'll treat you the way i would want to be treated if i didnt forgive you. i'm not going to talk to you besides the occasional "excuse me" when you decide to walk too slow in the hallway. sweet and nice, yes always polite, that's me. but am i going to take your shit? temporarily, only long enough to give you time to apologize and when you take too long i make the decision that you're not worth my time. i'm not a cutting board, a test dummy, or a carpet. so don't trreat me like one.

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