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Monday, March 14


i really want to go shopping soon, like to a big mall
i wanna go to a mall i havent been to, not really the one by my house
there's not many stores there...i wanna go somewhere else
lots of stores and food :) i like malls like that the best
i dont have to be at school until 10 today so still at home~
unfortunately i am also sick -_- but still going to school
might be in the bathroom all day though xD
i've been in the bathroom since 745 and its almost 9 now >_< blehh

not the best weekend but not the worst ...
just been really really self concious lately (more than usual)
and perfect timing start having dreams about the girl that makes me feel that way
she wanted revenge and she sure as hell got it.
song in my head
She Will Always Be A Broken Girl :: She Wants Revenge
funny how the title of the song comes...
you could take that in more than one way
she wanted revenge - i will always be a broken girl
she wants revenge - she will always be a broken girl
i want revenge - i will always be a broken girl
if i got revenge - she'd be beyond a broken girl
i don't want revenge though believe it or not
i'm just not that type of person really...its rare that i go after people
and i think everyone should be glad for that because it would be really realy easy for me to hurt people if i truely wanted to and im pretty sure if i did that they would hate me / or never bother me again because i'm cruel. i mean the few people i've hurt in the past obviously dont bother me anymore...
she's just such a nuisance to me...i cant stand it
there are just some things in life that i want to get rid off, get away from
because i just dont need it...she's been the main cause of all of my stress for a long time
i've tried so many things to get her away but she always stays
she got her revenge i think she should be done now..
i'm in kind of a bad mood right now...i'm looking at clothes online
drinking coffee and breakfast right now~~
ughh -______- i dont even feel like school right now
i just want to sleep >_<

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