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Sunday, March 13

its no use

i can say it, but only because other people can 
i can say it, but i cant mean it  
i'm pretty ....i'm not
not everyone is going to think you're pretty, 
no even yourself.
there are so many things i want to change... i wish my nose was smaller, wish my lips were thinner, wish they were both pink...wish my eyes were a lighter brown, wish i was a shade lighter...wish my brows were thinner, that my hair was thinner, ears were bigger, shoulders less-wide, longer neck, shorter legs, fatter ankles, narrow feet, perfect smile w/no crooked teeth, rounder eyes, less fat face, sharper chin, longer hair, that my figers werent double joined...i would change it all...

1 comment:

MOON said...

Plz love yourself more! Cuz you don't deserve to be put down by yourself!

True not everyone is going to think you're pretty, but that's okay. Beauty fades, style is eternal ;)
I'd rather have people remember me as an ugly person they cherish instead of people remembering me as a shallow but beautiful bitch they hate.

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