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Monday, March 14

still praying for japan - we all should

so much death is so sad...there's no power and the radiation...i really hope they can bounce back because this is so horrible :( i pray for everyone's families also, i've been reading blogs and tweets from friends and i pray that they gain contact soon. Wynter B named some people, Bunny's family and Rabbito's family back in Japan, i hope they are all safe and sound and hopefully have somewher to go
on tv now there was a man rescued who had floated 10 miles from shore on a piece of debris i'm glad he was rescued. its a wonder how friendly the japanese are to our newspeople, they gave them food and they didnt even have much and bowed in thanks of them coming to cover them...they're such nice people, i wish americans were more like that. i hope everyone is safe soon

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