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Thursday, March 31

hey nicko! im all up in ur house :D

 okay i got here about 30 minutes ago, so far...your dog knocked me down the stairs lol i ate a bowl of trix and played skate and now i'm playing with your webcam xD

 exaggeration of the bump in my hair lol im ugly

 heart :D

kisses xD
ok its really fn bright in your room lol i dont even have the light on
gunther is sitting next to me licking my leg and just sneezed ewwie >_<
i think im about to place the clues for the scavenger hunt :)
and bella is crying ! =( i'd let her out but i cant get her back in if i did
oh yeah and i took a napp in your bed for a about 15 minutes lol
welll thats an update for now :) im gonna eat cereal for lunch xD

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