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Wednesday, March 30

G A U G E S ~ S I Z E : 0 0

i noticed that i never eally showed them off, so here they are
both sides are 00, guaging up soon too :) first pic is the right side, second is left
i love guages, i started guaging my ears before i even knew what guages were,
i was younger and just starting putting nails and hooks through my ears
then one day i saw someone with guages and wanted to know more about them because i was just generally interested.
i had put a pretty large hookscrew through my ear and then since i knew what they were now, i went to nu image and asked the guys what size i would be because of the nail and turned out i was a 6
i borrowed some pinchers from someone last year and went to a 2
then i shoved in some 0's earlier this year
and a couple of months ago i got some 00 tapers and got them through
after my ear heals with the checkered plug, i can put in my other purple tunnel
i love them :)

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