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Friday, April 1

at nick's again ;P

drawing i did with his tablet :)
yeah i know all week xD
today i met his grandma and granpa on his moms side =)
i was very excited ^_^ his gma gave me a hug :D
there was some really yummy breadsticks and maybe 4 different pizzas?!
yeahhh! i love all the food xD
i've been wanting to meet more of his family for a while
i mean he's met mine so i wanted to meet his too ^^
its so cool how his grandparents are even still married
we play video games and stuff as usual~
it was kind of sad in the beginning though...he met me while i was walking but we didn't exchange any words until i had been there for about half an hour
he was feeling a little bit wierd about us, because things are going so well
idk if that makes sense to any of you though...
basically, there is almost always something in our way that causes us to be away from eachother or upset, and right now there is nothing...so he's worried because he's not used to it, like it's all in his head
but its real :) very real :)
i love him very much <3 no matter what :) <3
even if this happiness with no roadblock is only temporary, lets embrace it ♥ muah baby <3
last day of spring break :(
and wedding tomoro...back to the old ruitine mehh >.<
oh well, i had a great break :) thank you nicko <33


Bella/Hazuki said...

Berry i miss you please.. Its bella. I was wrong, i was stupid, i miss you so much its like a hole that needs to be filled with your friendship again. Call or text me WHENEVER i need to talk to you. Please dont ignore.
941-565-8302 -Bella

btd. said...

Aw, that's so sweet, I'm glad you had such a great week with him. I love that drawing, you're such a good artist. ^_^ I do know how he feels though. >_<

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