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Friday, April 1

random countdown survery

anyone who reads should do it ^_^

TEN things about yourself:

  1. i was named after my grandma
  2. i am legally a midget > . <
  3. i ♥ avocado
  4. i am seriously engaged, no playing around
  5. i love playing harvest moon
  6. i want a pet goat!
  7. i might be getting a job as a dance teacher soon
  8. i am half puerto rican and half black
  9. i love playing bass and drums (even tho i suck at drums atm)
  10. i love my nicko baby more than anything <33

NINE of your favourite songs:

  1. Razorblade Kiss - HIM
  2. The Siren's Song - Parkway Drive
  3. Heartache Every Moment - HIM
  4. Sleepwalker - Parkway Drive
  5. Romance is Dead - Parkway Drive
  6. The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness - HIM
  7. Wicked Game - HIM
  8. Dig - Incubus
  9. Ohio is for Lovers - Hawthorn Heights

EIGHT things you love/like:

  1. nicko baby <3
  2. acrylic paint
  3. Parkway Drive
  4. HIM
  5. my bass
  6. all food excluding anything that tastes like spagetti
  7. kitties
  8. japanese culture

SEVEN people you’re glad to have in your life:

  1. nicko
  2. grandma
  3. nick's parents
  4. my sister i guess
  5. my cousin nickie
  6. kaitlin
  7. rabbito & all my blogger friends ♥

SIX things you dislike:

  1. obnoxious people that mock me and piss me off on purpose as if i did something to them
  2. when people do something to you then either avoid you or act like it didnt happen - without apologizing firstr- or if they do apologize, act like it doesnt matter afterwards.
  3. being ditched, cancelled on, blocked or stood up or anything like that. that kind of stuff makes me upset for weeks on end, starting with ultra-anger and ending with super-sadness. i HATE it, it is the WORST feeling EVER. i unleash my wrath when that happens!!!
  5. living with my mother -_______-
  6. when my rl friends talk to my bf. that pisses me off so bad! thats why i have more online friends, you guys are actually trustworthy! i love all of you ^_^

FIVE things you wish you could say to FIVE different people right now:

  1. i love you so much
  2. i want every part of you dead
  3. if you werent a whore we would have been best friends...
  4. if only you just asked what happened instead of been stupid, i could have had a normal life
  5. fuck youuuu >:\

FOUR ways to win your heart:

  1. be my best friend, be there for me through everything. (i do it for you too :))
  2. do sweet things for me, really show me how much i really mean to you in different ways you know i will always remember
  3. really love me and only me and never give up on me!
  4. the number one thing, you have to be Nicholas Scott Mutters :) who has already won my heart <33

THREE things you’ll most likely never forget:

  1. the moment i first saw you
  2. when we kissed for the first time
  3. when we first said "i love you"

i will never forget. ♥

TWO things you do everyday:

  1. love
  2. fart

ONE confession:

  1. i wish i was normal

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