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Thursday, March 31

well i guess that's what you were talking about...

 said you had a feeling something bad was going to happen soon well there's your feeling...you said you cleaned out that drawer and that it was only me now.. you said you threw all that stuff away... you promised that you did. i opened it so i could see the valentine i made you and it was on the top on a towel. then i went to go find the card i made you that said I ♥ NICKO on it, and first thing i see is that notebook under the towel...my heart dropped :/ then i closed the drawer and the picture of you and her is still at the front. thats like a big slap in the face :/ now im alone at your house sort of wanted to disasemble your bed and drag it outside then throw it all away for you :( im really mad about it... and you're gonna say the same thing again, why does it matter? think hard about it and you know that it matters. i'll still be waiting when you get here :(

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