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Tuesday, March 29

i am so in love with you.

~ ♥ ♡ p e r f e c t  d a y ♡ ♥ ~

i got it, yesterday, i felt it all. 
it's one of those things that make life feel so worth it,
its a feel...its that feel
that ecstatic feel of love
being converted from an emotion to a physical touch
that sacred feel that only one can make right,
just like he did.
sacred. private. soulful. love.
you can only get from one the right way.
when communicating turns from sentence fragments to looks and breathes, but there's still no language barrier.
when there is not one problem in the world just for that moment.
when you're the only one there and you're all i see
because you're all i ever want to see.
that's exactly the way i want it to be, it was perfect.
it was so perfect.
it was blissfull.
it was close, it was loving
and passionate
i never wanted it to ever stop,
but until next time my love.


it was a great day and so much neede
God i miss days like that.
reminds me of when we first met...
we hung out with friends, threw knifes at paint cans
sawed down a tree, went for a walk
i got to try a choco taco, which turned to be AMAzING
had pizza rolls and cereal and such...
best part is taht it was all with you :)


so me and scotty have this plan :)
we've found this perfect house, not too far away from mine and close to his...
close to my school and close to all the stores & grocery, and close to his friends and close to my family
a cute small brick house with a long adress, that is up the street from a convenient store, on a main road next to a vacant field, which is next to a sports field which is behind his house, which is 1 street and 2 turns away from my house and my grandmas house, which is behind the grocery store, that is next to a buffet, that is also by a cheap bookstore, that is across the street from the mall, which is diagonal to a plaza with an art store. it is perfect.
the perfect place for us to live, perfect for us.
it's lovely, and we want it. need it.
we want to live together oh so badly <3
and we know we would get along
its a dream that could really happen, we're both getting summer jobs to pay for it.
if all goes well, we'll have a good credit score too :)
i cant believe it, i'm really growing up
i'm 18 years old and i'm buying a house with my soon-to-be husband.

i have changed.

finally, i have changed. just more proof that you're the one.
when i met you, i didn't believe in families. i didn't ever want children or to get married.
and people have always known me to be someone who never changed.
well my personality is still the same, as are most of my interests and humor, but my outlook is different now. its better and hopeful now, and its all thanks to you.
i want to tell you how much i love you,
to thank you with my everything so i can know
and i tried yesterday to say it without words, you did.
you're the most beautiful boy in the whole world
i'm sooo lucky to have you, you are love
i never want to live without you
i love you and i miss you, i want to hold you again <3

i am so in love with you.

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