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Thursday, March 31

meeeeeoooooow ;D

moooorning :]
i have a busy day :P heeheehee
right now i am going to make breakfast 
then i am sneaking to nicko's house while he is at school
to set up a scavenger hunt ;D
i'll probably play his drums while he's gone too
and sleep in his bed xDD and eat his food >_>
but not all of it...lol if you read his last post you would know that that would be hard for me, as he listed all of the many things that i ate on monday xDD
although i think if you had done all that, you'd be hungry too xD
it was such a great day ^______^ heeeeeeeeeeeee~
i also updated a couple things on here, i re-did my about me page
and now my tagboard has it's own page :)
and on the about me and wallpaper page, i enabled comments :)
so now if there's anything you need or wanna know, 
i can also answer there ^_^
i'm gonna make more pancakes and do my hair
i've got lots to do!
love, aeri ♥

random pictures xD

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