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Thursday, March 31


some times i really think i must be stupid! why did i stay here to eat breakfast when i could just eat at nick's! I MEAN HE HAS A BIG BOX OF TRIX! i think i might be retarded lol now i've wasted time -_-


nick said...

haha go ahead theres golfish sitting on the counter, and flamin hots, cupcakes in the fridge and ceral in the cabinets and cookies in there lol have fun baby

a e r i . ♥ said...

alright thank you baby ^_^
i'm leavin in a few minutes :) im excited lol

konayachi-nyan said...

Hahahaa you're so funny Berry chan! ^O^ I've been wondering why got two new posts XD

Aidyl said...

Omgomg!! Sounds so exciting! =D
Let us know how the scavenger hunt turned out!!

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