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Monday, March 28

long update! pix from friday, & new desktop wallpaper!

this is gonna be a loooooooong post, so i'll start with friday pics :)
i cant stand her singing...i like this version much better!
hahahahahaha oh man.
b u t   y e a h   s o   a n y w a y z . . .
my butt looked rally big that day :| my bf was angry about it because of my pants were form-fitting and he said people were looking T - T embarrassing :|
there...2 smiling pics >_< yeah...they dont happen much so enjoy xD
also as i said i was playing with the flash settings on my camera
i really did find a setting that worked ! =)
this is my setting on -2 brightness w/flash,
UNEDITED! =D i wanted to show off my makeup
eyeshadow (colorworks) lipstick (wet'n'wild) lipgloss (Kiss NY) mascara (maybelline) eyeliner (karma beauty) foundation (liquid: covergirl, powder: L.A. Colors)
i liked my makeup that day :) i thought i looked kinda cute ^_^
i also took this picture, i was making a wierd face but i kinda liked it...then i added an affect and it made my hair brown 0_o which it is turning brown (UPSETTING!) and needs to be re-dyed
having it turn brown in the pic gave me the opportunity  to play with hair colors xD
 i got curious and made 2 variation, 1: highlights, 2: purple streaks
and you guys can do this also! i did it on picnik.com, which is free!
i think the highlights would be cute if my hair was still brown like that...or if i was white xD
i might do the purple though ^_^ i've always wanted to try purple hair
(btw, if anyone wants tutorials for picnik, let me know! been using it for years so i know every shortcut from changing eyecolor to retouching!)
which hair do you think suits me best?
i've been very into this band lately, Parkway drive
yeah...definately my new favorite band
i seriously just CANT get enough.
i worked on a wallpaper and here it is :)
with lyrics from thier song "Romance is Dead" starring Winston Mccall (lead singer) =]
made in photoshop cs3
i really like the way i did it, what do you think?
anything you want me to make, just request it!
it will be up on the wallpaper tab soon :)

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☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Ah♥♥♥ You look so cute in that outfit Aerichan (^O^)♥♥♥♥

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