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Thursday, March 31

♥ ♡ 「POST#1OOO」 ♡ ♥ \( ^ ∇ ^)/ ~ ♥ !!

perfect timing right 
great way to end our secret day
1000th post and taco bell xD
this day has been pretty great,  i got to see my babyboy, which always makes me   super happy   
and he was super snuggly today  i always love when he gets cuddly, then he snuggles me close all the time  and gives me lots of those cutey nicko kisses  ~ heehee :) <3
and the scavenger hunt did not go as planned, but still went well :) i think i made the clues a little too indirect though  you guys know how i am with symbolism xD i could seriously say "i farted" and then drag it out to somehow say it means "i love you" xD

 so i had like the best cupcake ever today 
the funny part about that statement is that i never bit it D:
i usually hate icing on cupcakes, or really anything else besides red velvet cake~~ but this icing was different...it was like...GOOD!  i was like omg   heeeeee!
it was yummy :) as you can tell xDD
 and apparently i am yummy too! xDD 
is he sexy or what? ahhh! that jawline...mmm~
 oh baby i'm breakin into a sweat!  ~ mucho! 
he is so pretty :) and sweet and adorable ^^
and also has reaaally nice arms :)
he has band-aids on right now though, he went to the doctors
poor baby got shots and he hates them  they make him fainty xx
and the evil creepy man doctor groped my baby!!! 
better be happy i wasnt there or he would have experienced a very  aeri!!
and nobody...NOBODY...wants that lol
after playing games and drums and eating almost a whole bag of goldfish, we ended up at taco bell by mother's orders and i had volcano nachos @_@ it was spicyyy
nicko didn't think so xD he is used to eating alot of hot food, unlike me xD
we always have sort of wierd conversations when we eat xD
we're sitting in taco bell talking about lexie (nick's gos)'s, as his sister Liz calls it, "anal seepage" and how his doctor squeezed his left nut and it hurt and that he probably got it from his dad xDDD
i also noticed that him and his dad are too alike for words xD
there is even a picture of Mr.Fred (nicks dad) on the fridge and it looks JUST LIKE NICK!!! he couldnt deny him if he wanted to xD but who would want to ;D
i always love being around him and his parents like this
besides them, i've never really had a family dinner
with just mom and dad and sister
my mom wont agree too it..
and since papi lives far away, its hard to arrange
even when we do have dinner, its always with more ppl...like grandma and uncle and papi's gf
just so awkward for me...that's not what i want
i just want mami, papi and tehya...equal, normal family
like nicks are on days like this
i always smile the whole time because it's just generally exciting to me to be around a family, especially his. and when they are welcoming towards me i feel, honored, i guess
i always feel so happy afterwards because it's like a feeling i missed out on
the first time it happened i thought it would just make me miss my family but turns out it makes me feel better about it being split up, because it sorta feels like i have a new one
if i knew how to thank them then i would because i love them
even though they block me sometimes and get on nicks nerves alot xD i love them and so does he
hint on the next blog theme :) love you all and love this day
muah muah muah ~~ aeri xo

thanks for reading everybody <33

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