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Wednesday, March 30

paaaaaancakes!! =]

my throat was dry so i decided to make my own home remedy
inspired by nasty icky cough syrup and my every-longing for breakfast food...
that is a very sleepy me above, you can tell because my eyes are usually open much bigger when i'm excited xD
100% Pure Maple Syrup :) organic too <3 is the best!
actually...not the best. my favorite is hazelnut syrup to be honest :)
we also have blueberry in the cabinet.
about 8 golden brown pancakes with tons of butter :)
it only called for the mix and water, but i added an egg, teaspoon of oil and teaspoon of sugar. perfect add! it was super rich and really nice :) not too sweet either :) i'll add vanilla nextime ^^
yesterday i got to see my nicko :)
i was quite happy :) he gave me a drum lesson and i already got better :)
he said if i practive all week then i'll be really good :D
which is exciting to me, because drums are hot ;D
yeah yeah i know, mm mm guitar players! bass players oh yeah!
well to me, the count down for members in bands always went drummer, singer, bassist, guitar player.
why is the drummer the #1?
think about it.
they use thier arms, they use thier legs, thier whole body is moving, multi-tasking at it's finest! plus if they headbang, thier mind must be going nuts coordinating all of that.
which means they are smart <3

okay, you guys know me.
i'm sure you are going to find this really funny
until nick, i had never dated a musician or artist.
which is really incredibly funny to me because it was always what i'd been looking for, someone like me, but always dated the opposite xD
i told nick that i'd never dated a musician yesterday while he was teaching me drums
and he looked really surprised lol
i guess i should have expected it, as i was a little funny about it myself xD because i hadnt really noticed either xDD
i mean like music has always been one of my passions, i cant believe i never had went out with someone who shared that lol
now i have someone who loves music just as much as i do :)
and art and eachother! <333
we;re supposed to see eachother every day this week too :)
and that makes me so happy ^_^
i'm making him a scavenger hunt and were going shopping this week as well :P
cant wait!


Aidyl said...

Umaaaa~! Those pancakes look so delicious~!!
Making me super hungry, but I'm stuck here at work. (-__-')

I envy people that are good at playing instruments.
I used to play guitar, but now I can't do a thing.
My boyfirand is not quite the musician either. he used to play trumpet but hasn't done it for ages.
Oh, well..at least I guess we fit. xDDD

It's great to hear you are so happy thesedays! It makes me happy too.<3

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Paaaaaaaaaaaaaancaaaaaaaakkeeeeeee (*A*)♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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