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Monday, November 29

bad mood and sooooo tired...

i'm so tired :( i could not sleep at all!! yes i am wearing my school clothes now and the scarf nick's mom gave to me. i need to thank her again, it is so cute and so so warm!!
in case some were wondering...instead of just uniforms at my school we just have uniform policy.
i didn't know that there was a difference between the two until my history teacher told us one day.
basically it is a halfway mark between uniform and dress code...
we can only wear blue, gold, or white polo shirts (3-button only) or sweaters. v neck sweaters have to have a polo's under but crew do not. only blue, gold, gray, black or white undershirts. navy, black or khacki pants. @_@ ughh. i don't like it. oh and we always have to wear a belt if we have loops and our shirts always have to be tucked in & if you get 3 uniform violations you get suspended!
i think it's too strict to be honest >_>
i got to my credit recovery class just now...
i got really pissed off in advisory.
i was already mad from stupid crap happenning and losing bella
but this just made me so much more mad....
every school morning the two ppl i sit by say good morning and on mondays ask how the weekend was, small talk and what not... well this is how the conversation went.
Fletcher: well, i got two people crossed off for my Christmas list.
Max: Nice. i haven't gone shopping yet.
Me: I would go shopping now, but i have no money—
Max: or maybe you just have no friends *smiles sweetly*
Me: yeah, that too,  DICK!!
Fletcher: O_O ........... >_>'
i am in the most horrible mood now!!!
tired, cranky, angry, and hungry with no lunch money!!!
i am so annoyed with so many people -_-
the more annoyed i get, the more i am pushing myself into my little hole of my laptop...but hey at least i can feel welcome here xD
and xiao yuan moon you made me feel so much better xD thank you!! :D
you should take a picture in your outfit that looks like mine and i'll take a picture in mine and we can put them side by sad cuz we match :D haha i ♥ you!
well i'm off to do schoolwork now... i just aced my last 3 quizzes so i'm proud =)
gonna try to pass even more!!! c ya ♥


xiao yuan moon said...

Ohaii, looking cute as always, muahaha XD

Maybe Max didn't mean it like that and it was just a joke.. but I can understand why you mad D:

Aww, you're welcome! Anytime dear ~~
I think we all have moments when it doesn't go the way it's supposed to be and I think that's the time when you need friends the most ~~ ;)

Will take a picture of my outfit :D!!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

You aced three quizzes? (OwO ) I'm so proud of you Berrychan! o(^-^)o And I love the purple scarf! Purple always suits you the best! *winks*

Anyway, I agree with Xiao Moon I think Max was just joking although it might offended you but.. Cheer up and forget about it mkay? o(^-^)b Love you Berry!♥♥

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