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Friday, December 3

bad morning :(

that blue came out brighter than i thought >_>
randomly wore the blue barrette today...i lost my bobbie pins :(
this morning i didn't get to talk to nick :( basically started off my morning bad... its like there's a routine, talk in the morning before school, text when i get home, then he calls me when he gets home then plays video games then calls again before he goes to sleep. i was insanely tired last night :( i wanted to talk a little bit but he didn't call me :( but i apparently fell asleep while we were on webcam and he thought it was adorable xD i hate not talking to him, especially now that it is dark in the mornings because i'm still tired and he always says cute things that cheer me up so im awake, but today all i got was the "ttyl i love you" before school started :( i was super sad!
i barely slept last night either and when i did i had a bad dream :( so i woke up in a bad mood... it was one of those dumb dreams that make you want to strangle people that you don't even hate which is horrible!! and makes me feel bad T^T i hate bad dreams they're like a tripple bad mood. i get mad about the dream its self, then mad that i had the dream, then i feel bad for thinking of the person the wrong way @_@ just cant win!

i also managed to forget my ipod this morning -________- so great.

i just realized that its friday...
i have the modelling appointment tomaro D:
i needed a good day today :( now i'm gonna be a mess tomaro
ughhhh and i still havent chosen my pictures ~
now i'm stressed out :(
this sucks :( *crawls into corner*
ugh save me!!

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