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Friday, December 3


it has been a horrible day...
and now i'm going to do horrible tomoro :(
i can pretty much say goodbye modelling dream...
i really needed today to be perfect
i fought through all my emotions to stay in a good mood
this morning was bad so i tried to keep my head up
just waiting for after school so i could talk to nick
...but he would barely talked to me
today was the first day in over 3 months that i didn't get to hear his voice.
i feel...incomplete... goodnight..

1 comment:

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Aw don't be so sad Berry! (> <|||) Why you didn't text him? Although you couldn't talk to him but at least by texting him you know that he's okay! And I'm pretty sure he's missing you so badly right now! o(^O^)o

PS. I just wore my new purple cardigan! I rarely wear purple but then I remembered that you really like purple so I decided to wear it this whole day! (^_~) *winks* I feel somewhat great today! And you must be feeling great as well! Good night and sweet dream Berry! o(^3^)o

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