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Monday, November 29

old picture and short update :)

old picture but i miss that nail polish!
i love purple ^_^ every shade of it ♥ !!
i wish my skin was clear like it used to be @_@ anybody got some tips or good products you know of that would help?? and i have hyperpigmentation which sucks really bad >.<
okay short update of some stuff going on:
  • i have an appointment with a modelling agency tomaro at 7 pm! lets hope i get in =)
  • so far no emails back or calls from the work places i applied to
  • i got a 100%, 90% and another 100% on my quizzes =D
  • we are having a mock congress at school starting thursday and i am going to try to be elected as speaker of the house so wish me luck ^-^
  • i finally have soda and chips at my house! and i will keep vlogging every day =)
so you guys like my vlog so far? =D im glad ^_^
i'm surprised i have viewers! :D if you have a YouTube account, please subscribe/friend me!
i sent friend request to some of you :) please accept! ~ ~
i sing all the time also so if you have a song you want me to sing, just tell me and i will record it into one of my vlogs ^_^ it doesnt even matter what language! i sing in a bunch :)
these are the ones i might sing next:
  1. tell me - wondergirls
  2. my world down - the dying breed (beck)
  3. rette mich - tokio hotel
  4. girls not grey - afi
well leave the number of the song in a comment if you think i should sing ^_^
i know those songs by heart, but if i should learn another then please request it :D

well thats all for now ~


Anonymous said...

i like ur makeup here! good luck with your interview. and thats so awesome you get 100% wats your study tactics hehe

xiao yuan moon said...

Nais picture >w<!

Omo, youre so smart! I hope you get accepted and soon calls and emails back :)

I had acne like 2 weeks ago, it wasn't really visible but my skin was def. not clear (especially my forehead). I started eating less snacks and max. 2 fruits a day and it really helped me. Also removing make-up properly will help heaps -_- XD
I also have darker spots in my face and, but they will fade eventually. A thing I use to speeden up the process is a whitening product. It doesn't make my skin superwhite (lol no) but it makes it rather radiant, clear and it evens my skintone little by little.

I hope this helps :D

Pu3 said...

I love your photo ヽ(^◇^)/ Owh and you made great vlogs @_@ and you can sing korean song? How bout Japanese? :P

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

OMG your eyes look so pretty here! And I love the purple shades on your eyes!♥♥♥ Are they photoshopped or what? (^_~)*winks*

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