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Friday, December 3

when i dance...i dance to this

lately this has been my main songs i dance to
i dance to others too...but just the mood i've been in has been these...
and yes, i get down >:D

hehe i made the playlist the colors of my shoes ^_^


P o o p e r said...

I've only heard like a G6 from them but not this song. :DD <33 Now I want to dance!

Oh Berry you are already pretty. ;_; I mean it! I know that we don't see it in ourselves but you are. Girl!

Ohhh, I hear U-KISS right now! xDD hehe

Thanks by the way! I feel better now but basically I felt like my beliefs were challenged or something. A family member mentioned to another family member how homosexuality is a sin because the bible said so, and I happened to be sitting next to them. That got me furious. :| Though it was kind of wrong of me to have been all up on their face belittling what they believe in because that would mean I was no different. I should of just left if I didn't like what I was hearing. D: but it was so ridiculous having to hear that being gay is a sin. IMO, sins are immoral things you do to your peers like steal or abuse. How does liking the same gender hurt anybody?

I ended up apologizing with them and they apologized back for what happened so I'm glad that they we're on good terms.

but yes. ~_~ sorry for the block of text! lol

P o o p e r said...

Yes! Despite a couple of things from the Bible that might be odd, it's mostly meant to help people understand that our God is a loving God and not a hateful one. Because we humans are hateful we tend to "speak" for God in saying things like "You're going to hell for this or that!" when really it's not our place to judge. D:
I'm sort of skeptical with organized religion, and holy scriptures. Though, I still enjoy church and I have always prayed and believed in God because I know he's out there.

It makes me feel upset too how some people speak so harshly of gays, it really is a touchy subject for me! I'm straight but one of my best friend's is gay and he's in the same situation as you are. If he admits his sexuality to his parents, his parents might disown him too. We would spend hours on the phone talking about it and how it hurts him. The very people you love and you can't even tell them, it hurts. How can homophobes not consider that? I wish life was fair too. >.<;

People tend to think its a lifestyle or choice to be gay but really why would anyone choose to undergo so much? You can't help how you feel, you can't try to suppress it.

Oh girl. ;_; I hope that Homosexuality will be accepted in the church that way your mom won't think so harshly of them. or she wont be as crazy about it. I mean there are some neat churches out there that don't care who you are as long as you're interested in hearing the word of God. but I just hope that things will change, I feel so happy about how so much has changed in our modern world. It's a lot better now than compared to the crazy europeans from the 14th century. lol

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