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Sunday, November 28

pink sweater?? :o

i've been sad all day because i miss my nicko so much!! :(
now im making kissy faces at my computer >.<
that's embarrassing haha especially because my lips are too big to make a kissy face cute :(
 and do i really look good in pink?? people have told me i have my whole life but i dont know if they are right or not >.< maybe it is because i am not fond of the color... i dont know o_o maybe i dont think i look femenine enough to wear it the right way. oh and i hope me and my nike's are together forever because i loooooooove these shoes :D :D :D so much!! ♥
i got very mad very fast today. i saw one of my ex boy friends at the mall today while looking for jobs.... he treated me so bad!! we used to date a long time ago (off and on for 7th grade and a little of 8th) and he cheated on me with about 13 other girls =.= furious!!!!!!!!! i didn't even see him there until he said "hey berry!" and then i thought to myself... "who's that?" then i saw the scar on his chin and i was like 
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and stomped out of the mall xD
then i went to other stores... i applied at shoe carnival. the application is really simple o_o easiest application i have ever filled out. i got it done in 5 minutes and turned it in with my resume and they looked impressed >:D i think i might get this job! meeeeeeeow i am on the ball! hehe so pro ^_^
i am starting to watch the anime Chance Pop Session has anyone watched this?
i decided to give it a chance... only on the first episode right now xD
i'll see if i like it... or not... who knows :)
here is a pic i edited of nick today when i was bored
oh he looks sexy with that beanie and his hair straight o_o
*drools and gets electrocuted by keyboard*
x_x oh goodness
i like his curley hair better but in this picture its just like WWWOOOOOOOSHHH ^-^
there's my vlog for today :)
and thank you everyone for your comments i will reply very soon!!
i'm not used to getting so many so i'm still like 0_0 ..... :D 
i ♥ all of you!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't blog walk due to poor internet connection.. thanks for following :)))

P o o p e r said...

I really like that kind pink on you. :DD It gives off a cute and classy look!

Holy crap, not a great way to start of the day at the mall. o__o; Freaking ex's appearing out of no where ... ESPECIALLY the cheating freaks. And he had the nerve to say Hi? I always wonder if these kind of people ever feel shame? -taking it personal- XD

I hope you get a job somewhere! Especially at Gamestop! Yeah, I find it weird, really weird, how there's like two of the same stores right across from each other. lol


Woowww~ A sweet voice from a very sweet berry, I lololovve the accent, Omgeeeee, You look good in pink. :-) And the purple pants too. Aww~ berry I just wanna hug you.

xiao yuan moon said...

hey youre pink XD!!
omo, were almost wearing the same outfit :o!
i'm wearing my acid jeans legging and pink cardigan, omg we haz twin minds XD

but it sucks you met your ex at the mall -_-
and he act like nothing happened ugh
douchebags like him should die already!

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