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Tuesday, November 30

embarrassed :( this day is just getting better!! + an interesting thing i read

school is really starting to get on my nerves :( well just FMP... today i got super embarrassed :(
when i came in i was later than everyone else so i sat down and the teacher gave me a paper to do and said to write a summary then 1 page on it and i was doing that while i waited to take the quiz
i planned on ace-ing my quiz today but we have our quizzes on a website now and need a log in, she said "this is the last time i'm passing around the login sheet" and to get your log in off of it, so i raised my hand but no one passed it to me :( then the teacher called me out in front of the whole class because i was the only person who didnt have thier quiz done... i just wanted to hide in a corner T-T i hate stuff like that... she could have just called me to the desk instead :( ugh..
well i couldnt ask for the sheet with the usernames so i had to sit there and not do my quiz looking like an idiot... im sure the girls sitting near me were looking at me like "wth..." i feel so stupid... these are one of those times i just wish i was invisible :(

i think i need some anime therapy.....i'm gonna have a Hamtaro & Peach Girl marathon in my room today

i read something interesting in that article i was supposed to write about. it was about poor people and rich people. in the article they said that by experiment/studying that poor people are more empathetic than rich people. it said that rich people have the ability to get things they want and need because they have money, and that poor people rely on friends and understanding for happiness instead of material things. i don't know if that's true or not, i really think it depends on how they were raised. i know nice rich people, like my little sister's bestfriend's grandpa, Ron. he's super nice! he has a lot of money but he doesnt really gloat about it, he always lets emily have birthday parties and sleepovers at his house and sometimes church parties and loves to treat people, he always listens if you need someone to talk to. i also know mean rich people too...like my youth pastor :/ i don't like him... he has a travelling job where he goes all around the world all the time then brags about it... he has church parties at his house too, (he actually lives next door to Ron) but you dont really feel as welcome unless Todd or Matt is there. one time one of my church friends was telling us about an idea that he had learned from school and was sharing it with the class and Mr.Roy wouldnt let him finish and kept cutting him off, even laughed at him making him feel stupid and my friend stormed out of the room... i was just as mad and i left too. he seems stuck up to me :\ it always seems like he's not taking in what anyone is saying unless its a prayer request. but there are nice and mean poor people too. there was a girl i know who didn't have much money, but she would get mad whenever anyone offered her anything and when she had something she would be really stingy with it. then i know people who don't have alot of money who share whatever they have and are nice to everyone.
i guess i kind of get where they are coming from in the article, because i don't have alot of money so i make a really high value of close friendships and relationships. i do have some valuable things, but nothing will ever be as valuable to me as Nick. the most valueable things i have from greatest to least are my Laptop, my Bass, my Guitar, my PS2 and my cell phone. i wouldn't want to live without those things, but i could. if i had to keep two things, it would be my bass and my laptop, because i talk to my friends with my laptop + my dad got it for me and i love to play bass + Nick got it for me and it means a lot to me. i can call on the house phone and send IM's to people's cell phones. i have a watch to tell time. i dont need my video games, (even tho i love them) i can play games on my computer. i love my guitar but i'm better at bass. so i would keep those things if i had to choose. see? it revolves around people and sentimental value for me.

what do you guys think about what the article suggests? do you agree or disagree? what are your opinions?


P o o p e r said...

I agree with you on how it depends! o; Though it sort of makes sense if you look at a celebrity's life ... You don't see a lot of them with stable friends/relationships. I mean I guess they don't want to involve their friends with their fame which is understandable, but compared to us poor people who take like a million pictures with our boyfriend and closest friends ...

I kind of want to believe that money changes people, but again it just all depends. :3

Aw what a mean teacher ... D:< I would of felt embarrassed too. D':

★☆KenKen☆★ said...

Im kinda having stomach ache that time... ^^

Well.. I hope money just won't bring any effect to my life, love and friendship. sometimes, it take a big turn after someone rich

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