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Thursday, December 2

saw this on Najla's blog today. i wish more people thought this way..
i have 5 out of 6 of these :( it sucks to be made fun of
i get picked on alot for stuff like this, and it got me in the habit of picking back which is bad...but i think everyone should be accepted regardless of how they look
the only difference of me with this picture is that i actually get made fun of for being a size 0 (well smaller) because i am so much smaller than everyone else. i eat plenty of cookies (when i have them) but i just don't gain weight :( kinda sucks haha


P o o p e r said...

I had seen this image on tumblr and HAD to reblog it. Not only is it really cute but its the straight up truth. D:<

I have 4 out of the 6! x.x
You get made fun of for being a size 0? DD: Whatever, screw them. I get made fun of for my height, which isn't as bad but I definitely get heated when someone lifts me up or carries me. Just because I'm small doesn't mean I want to be lifted up from the ground and twirled around like a 4 year old. D':

No wonder you're so good at vlogging! You have that acting experience girl! -completely random lol-

Anonymous said...

oh i really like this! its cute n true that ppl shouldnt judge others without getting to know them first!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

OMG! I've sent the wrong comment! That will happen if you open too many comment pop-up windows in the same time! (=3=) Sorry for being silly! Please delete it because it was so embarrasing! (///^////) Well, I have crooked teeth.. And I somewhat like it. (^_~)


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