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Sunday, November 28

ugh -.- wow awesome. :(

see, this is why i don't ever rant. i think my friend thought i was talking about her in my vlog when i was ranting about how i didn't like a lot of girls and apparently hates me and thinks i'm a douche bag. i wasn't even refferring to her at all!!!! it didn't even cross my mind that she would have taken offence to my video... me and her had a wierd situation about a year and a half ago and we cleared stuff up/fixed it and made up but i think she thinks im still mad about it :( something i said in my video about a different situation with a different person sounded JUST like what happened with me and her. i wish i would have thought about that earlier!!! now i feel bad about it :( ugh... well i messaged her and told her who the video was really about but she didn't reply to it so i guess she doesnt care. well thats just great.... makes me feel worse! i wasnt trying to hurt her feelings or bring up anything bad i was just ranting about three particularly mean girls that i was angry at and she wasnt one of them :( ugh i'm sorry Hannah! ugh maybe i should put codenames in my vlog or something :\ i mean i cant say people's names in them cuz that would just be plain mean but if i say the names of all the people i'm trying to not offend then everyone will figure out who i'm talking about! i didn't even know she looked at my blog! most people i know in real life dont look at it. i'll keep vlogging i guess... but i'm probably never going to vent again. or sing...

1 comment:

xiao yuan moon said...

Uhhhh what a simpleminded idiot!

She totally forgets this is your bvlog and not hers. You can do whatever you want, it's your outlet !!! I think bvlogs are no less than sacred diaries hidden between the mattresses and some people need to realize this. Oh and the world isn't always about her, so she should stop having those weird ideas.

Don't worry Berry, don't let all the self conceited haters bring you down ;)

And I hope she reads this v.v

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