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Thursday, December 2

the secret friendship.

this post is about a girl i'll call my secret friend
she's a nice girl, and she's pretty, but we've never talked. 
i see her in the hallway every day,
and i see her at the lunch table across the room when i first come in
because she is the only person who gets there before me.
every day, we don't talk at all.
but every day, she smiles at me and i smile back
and it's random...because we both never smile.
it's a wierd thing, but she is one of my favorite people
no matter how sad she looks in the morning, she always smiles at me.
people say hi, but they never really smile...if they do it's because they feel like they should and you can tell because they look past you and not at you
but she looks straight at me, and smiles at me
and it's not a "hi random person in the hallway" smile
it feels more like a "i'm happy to see you" smile
i'm happy to see her too

maybe, i'll talk to her one day.

just one of those random little things in life that make me feel happy.


Saving Capulet said...

this is sweet <3

P o o p e r said...

This really made me happy. I hope that one day you two will be able to talk to each other, and I hope that "one day" will come soon. :D

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